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Our Story

Pure O.N.E. Beauty’s Story: from local to global, naturally.


Pure ONE Beauty Essential Oils with Chamomile Flowers

A Pure O.N.E. Beauty voyage of discovery and innovation; The global business that is PURE ONE BEAUTY started out as the individually-run hair growth and acne fighting company established by Nadine Grant and later joined by co-founder Omar Solomon in their home in Charlotte, North Carolina, on the east coast of the United States of America. As the popularity of the hair growth cream, Nadine found more and more customers asking if there was some way they could speed up the growth of their hair and thicken the hair as well. Other consumers were curious about more options for acne other than a one size fits all solution. That challenge was to be the seed for Pure O.N.E. Beauty.

We knew that the chemicals in conventional cosmetics could destroy the beneficial properties of organic oils, your skin, your hair, your health, and also damage the environment. As a humanitarian, she agreed that this was an unacceptable compromise and would simply go against our values. Using chemicals in our products would allow a greater profit but at what cost?

Nadine tried to source fully organic products but when she fell short, she produced natural products with high organic content.. Certain things produced by nature like Sea Salt is considered natural by the FDA as opposed to being considered Organic. These simple categorizations are what often times make the difference in our products being labeled Natural or Organic. Soon it became apparent that we faced a long and challenging journey: developing some of the best genuinely organic based cosmetic products in the world.

The Beginnings

Pure ONE Beauty herbs and extracts

Inspired, Nadine then set about developing a full range of natural and organic based product line. By bringing local knowledge of the therapeutic properties of organic oils and essential oils to highly skilled cosmetic scientists, academic researchers and dermatologists from around the world, we have been able to carry many of those unique qualities of pure oils from nature into Pure O.N.E. Beauty hair and skincare products.

Nadine embarked on a quest to find the solution for thinning hair and started researching recipes and exotic oils along with their healing traits and properties. It wasn’t long before Nadine took her took the vast knowledge of science and nature to good use. During the process of discovery and trials, Nadine discovered that beauty is governed from the inside out. What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your body if not more important. It wasn’t long before a Hair, Skins & Nails vitamin joined the lineup of products and showed the biggest impact on results.

Nadine got into the creation of oil based soaps that defy the skin drying properties of commercial soaps. Friends and family loved the feeling of their skins after using the soaps and were enchanted by the scent and designs. The soaps were a hit and the demand for her designer soaps grew. Pure O.N.E. Beauty is now a growing global brand and has added a collection of products along the way through discovery and research.
Pure ONE Beauty HummingbirdNicky's love and fascination with hummingbirds was the inspiration for the company's logo.

We never test our products on animals& never will. It’s a promise!

We give back! We donate to charities and the homeless. A portion of all purchase help us give back. Thanks for the part you play, we couldn't do it with you!

We are proud to offer a large variety of products that are both Vegan & Cruelty Free.

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